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SPC Vinyl Flooring For Sale

SPC calcium plastic environmental protection floor production line is a substrate extruded from the extruder, using four-roll calendering unit, respectively, PVC color film + PVC wear layer + PVC base film, one-time pressing and compounding products, process Simple, fit by heat, no glue.

SPC floor extrusion equipment and other turnkey projects, from raw materials to loading equipment, extrusion equipment, supporting molds, screws, grooving equipment, cutting equipment, packaging equipment, and other production process equipment, all-round display, gathering sea Well-known exhibitors inside and outside, such as Jintian Haomai, Haokai, Haotejing, Wuxi Boyu, Sanyi, Jiahao, Guangliang, Qingsu, Ruichang, Anzhu, Saiwang, Haobang, Jinwei, etc., are committed to promoting the flooring industry. Coordinated development of upstream and downstream health.
SPC Vinyl Flooring
The current demand for wood flooring is 400 million square meters, and the demand for PVC flooring in China has exceeded 600 million square meters. The development space is huge, and due to its waterproof characteristics, it also enters the kitchen and bathroom and grabs some tiles. market. Estimate that in the near future, its demand will reach 1 billion square meters. More and more enterprises are beginning to produce PVC flooring, and the quality of flooring production is very good, which is closely related to floor production and supporting equipment.

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Once upon a time, laminate was the only wood-look flooring in the limelight, the Ferrari of wood-look flooring. Then vinyl, flooring’s Lamborghini, jumped into the realistic wood-look market and g ...