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Wholesale Commercial Wpc Flooring Supplier

WPC Vinyl Flooring, which stands for Wood Plastic Composite, is an engineered, luxury vinyl plank flooring option that has been newly introduced into the market. The main difference with this flooring is the technologically advanced construction.
wholesale commercial wpc flooring
Product feature:
1. Easy install. Click system reduces the cost of labor force
2. Economic choose for Residential and Commercial.
3. Waterproof,anti-corrosion,long lifetime.
4. Eco-friendly, no noxious or chemical components.
5. More than 10 years of warranty,recycled for reusage.

Just like a standard vinyl floor, WPC vinyl flooring is water-proof and will not be damaged in the event of a spill or moisture. WPC flooring is a plank system with a glue-less locking system similar to a laminate installation. Another perk is not needing an underlayment for installation!

Our company as a commercial wpc flooring  supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.

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