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The product uses the high-tech method to carry out the finalization treatment (finalization method under high temperature and refrigeration). The manufacturer develops a 150m long hot-cold finalization treatment production line, thus realizing the better finalization, increase of the service life and better waterproof adaptability. It is named by the insiders as the waterproof WPC Vinyl Flooring .
China vinyl flooring for indoor
waterproof WPC Vinyl Flooring Advantages:
♦ Moderate price, wide adaptability, beautiful texture
♦ Fire prevention, water resistance, skid resistance, corrosion prevention, moth proofing, insect prevention
♦ Easy cleaning, wear resistance
♦ Convenient transportation, light weight, low handling cost
♦ Convenient installation, without the professional worker's construction
♦ The product has the strong adaptability and adapts to the paving at various occasions
♦ The product has the long service cycle and can be used for 20-60 years, and the product slitter edge and old floor can be recycled, avoiding the secondary pollution.
♦ The product has the diverse design and color, including the wood figure of rosewood, sandalwood, padauk, oak, camphorwood and other imitated woods as well as imitated marble, imitated antique and imitated brick.
♦ The surface has the wearing layer and has the antibacterial effect. UV nano processing No waxing
♦ The product is odorlessness, formaldehyde-free and non-toxic, and is the green environment-friendly product. The company has the utility patent and various certification and quality inspection reports of the product.

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