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Tee Coupling

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Snthetic resin tile installation precautions

1, purline optional square tube (square tube) (60 * 40 * 3mm) need to embalmed (embalmed). Horizontal bar (vertical with the tile length) spacing 700mm ~ 800mm, vertical sandalwood (parallel with tile length) spacing 2000mm ~ 2500mm. Insist to Tan column spacing ≤ 1500mm.

2, The main tile should be installed reversely according to the local wind direction. The two tiles should overlap one crest horizontally (including the overlap of the ridge tiles) and overlap with one pitch in the longitudinal direction. The overlap should be at the contact area of the purlin. Self-tapping screws.

3, in the case of two slope roof, two slope symmetrical to be installed in order to facilitate the installation of corrugated roof is consistent with the waveform. The company is located in:

4, the ridge roof tiles and ridge ridge lap joints (joint) should be processed smooth, so that the installation of three links. The company is located in:

5, Fixed with accessories For special dovetail nail, first place the sealing gasket and tighten the bolts with electric wrench, then cover the cover cap.

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